November 7 is National Take Back Your Time Day, Aimed to Reset People’s Relationship with Technology

New national holiday on Nov. 7 propels #tbyt movement: resetting peoples’ relationship to technology by taking back their time and prioritizing connection over constant communication

PORTLAND, Oregon – November 7, 2023 –  In response to digital communications tools stealing people’s time and attention, the Take Back Your Time (#tbyt) movement and Sixty AI, through the National Day Archives, have established a new holiday: Take Back Your Time Day. This day, to be celebrated annually on November 7, is not merely a date on the calendar; it's a call to action, part of a larger #tbyt movement, urging individuals to reassess their relationship with time in the face of our technology-driven time crisis.

As revealed in Sixty AI's 2023 Survey of Time released in September, technology – far from its intended purpose of making lives more efficient – has spiraled into a time-stealing vortex, leaving individuals overwhelmed, distracted, and yearning for more meaningful connections. According to the survey, a staggering 85% of respondents lamented that technology, with its relentless pings and ceaseless digital demands, has disrupted their lives, interrupting their focus and inundating them with a constant deluge of notifications.

Against this backdrop, the #tbyt movement and Sixty AI created Take Back Your Time Day as a pivotal milestone in their ongoing quest to alleviate the perils of our overconnected world. The day is dedicated to helping individuals prioritize what truly matters, encouraging them to establish boundaries, refocus on meaningful connections, and carve out undisturbed time to focus on feeling connected to what truly matters – our loved ones, our work, our priorities, and ourselves. 

Participating in Take Back Your Time Day and the #tbyt movement can take various forms including:

  • Setting boundaries: Block time on calendars to focus on the things that matter most.
  • Embracing the power to prioritize: Whether it's diving deep into passion projects or nurturing meaningful connections, reflect on what are the top three important things and safeguard this time.
  • Learning from others: Share how you take back your time and get tips from others who are taking back their time at, and access tools designed to eliminate digital noise and ensure crucial information surfaces without constant interruption.
  • Implementing a “10 Minute Rule”: Whenever you feel the urge to check your phone, wait 10 minutes first.
  • Eliminating the digital noise: Change the notifications on your phone so your apps aren’t bugging you every few minutes and download Sixty AI’s powerful app that leverages machine learning and AI to eliminate the digital noise, false urgency and constant interruption of digital communications, while making sure the important details are still brought to your attention. This prioritization of flow over frequency allows people to build a world that’s more meaningful, manageable and closely connected.

"While technology was meant to make our lives more efficient, it has led to an overconnected crisis that comes at the expense of our mental health, our relationships and our ability to spend our time meaningfully,” said Mat Ellis, Founder and CEO of Sixty AI. “The modern world requires us to manage these technologies to keep up with our work and with each other. So we need to develop new tools that actually help us do that without overwhelming us. We see AI as one potential solution in helping us take back our time from machines and get back to focused work and human connection.”

“We know this kind of tool can help people—it’s already helped our team feel more focused and in control of our time and communications. But we also know that one tool is not enough,” Ellis said. “That’s why we’ve started the #tbyt movement, to bring more attention to this problem, to validate the overwhelm we’re all feeling with actual data, and to provide additional resources and support to people looking to reset their relationship to technology and time.” 

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