Say hello to focus and flow

Sixty's free platform runs in the background of your devices, managing all your incoming messages, invites and alerts and only interrupting you when it’s really important.

Stronger relationships,
streamlined routines

Stay in the moment while Sixty seamlessly manages the details that make relationships meaningful and routines run smoothly.

A Day In the Life with Sixty

See how Sixty removes the overwhelm and replaces it with more time for what matters most in your day.

  • Briefings Icon


    Have higher quality meetings and make the most of your time with a single briefing document that summarizes your past communications and provides relevant bio and background information for all attendees.
  • Agendas Icon


    Create space in your day to focus on what matters most and defend that time. Agendas get you ready with simple, easy-to-scan emails summarizing your schedule for your day and week.
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    Only see the emails that matter. Sixty learns who you want to hear from and who you don’t and silently files the rest to deal with later—or never. We never delete email and quickly learn by observing.
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    Imagine if your alerts were actually urgent. Sixty’s intelligent alerts will only ping you when it’s important to move your day along, like a human helper who makes you get to your meetings on time.
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    Find a reason to reconnect with the right people at the right time.  Sixty ensures you will never miss another birthday or lose track of that old friend/business connection, so you can stay connected with those who really matter.

Focus on what matters most

Always the customer, never the product

We believe that you should have control over your time and your data. We don’t store anything on our servers, and we
won’t sell any of your information or make it available to third parties. Core features will be free forever, and key actions
will always take 60 seconds or less.

Get Started in Seconds

A few tips for optimizing your experience

  • Act natural

    Don’t change anything about your workflow. By observing how you handle messages and invites, Sixty will learn your priorities and act accordingly.
  • Send the right signals

    The double slash // is a powerful signal in the Sixty universe, triggering AI to start working its magic.
  • Build a bio

    Your bio page is a powerful prep tool for anyone in your network. Share your communication preferences and anything else that matters.
  • Once is enough

    When you tell Sixty something is important—by moving an email or inputting a birthday—we’ll never forget it.